Question Asking With April

“Great Stories happen to those who can tell them” – Ira Glas

From my limited understanding of the blog world, this is the location where I tell you a little bit about myself. Who am I? Why would you be interested in reading about my life? What important information do I have to share? And yet, I am just beginning on this journey and am already telling you that I have NO idea! Maybe you won’t want to read me. Maybe I won’t have anything exciting to say. Or maybe I will be interesting as fuck. Who knows until I get started!

What I do know for sure is that I have a lot of questions. I have questions about who I am as a person and where am I going in my life. I have questions about how humanity can be so kind and amazing in one breathe and so rude and cunning in another. I have questions as to why life can be so hard sometimes. And most of all, I have questions as to what this all means. My goal is to take my desire to write, my inquisitive nature and my love of vulgar language to do just that.. ask questions. Answer questions. And maybe make some new connections along the way.

Feel free to join me. Or don’t. The first step in asking questions is to question who you are getting your information from.. should it really be me?

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